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Questions and Answers

Q. Why should I choose a flat, rather than a house?
A. The outstanding 200 m2 surface flat with premium equipment and in prestige location can be bought for about €600-700.000,00. House prices within the similar quality and the position rage are at least 2 or 3 times higher.

Q. Why should I choose a flat in the city center, not an "urban villa"?
A. The advantage of living in an "urban villa" is that you live far from the major urban areas and centers. Often, you will drive on inadequate roads, and going to work and back home will take you a lot of time. A distance from schools, theaters, markets, hospitals, universities, and the majority of other institutions defines your free time. Children spend hours on going to school and back, and after going out on Saturday's night, there is no public transportation to return home. Life in the city center is a privilege of people that can afford it.

Q. Is there any price difference between large and small apartments, and does it depend on the floor where the apartment is?
A. Every apartment is unique and attractive for itself regardless of the position and size. Therefore, there is no essential price difference between large and small apartments.

Q. Are there any price advantages when buying two or more flats?
A. A purchase of 2 or more flats is certainly an advantage, but there are no pre-defined benefits.

Q. When is construction planned for completion?
A. 15 months after the start of the works that are now suspended

Q. Are there any benefits for cash payments?
A. No

Q. Is it possible to change the room plan of the desired apartment/flat?
A. Each apartment/flat can be changed to some extent. To be accepted, for all changes you want to make, you must obtain a certificate from the architect and designer team.

Q. Can I merge two apartments/flats into one (one large and one small)?
A. In MOJDVOR there is a certain number of small flats intended for parents or children. As next to every small apartment is the larger one, there is a possibility to merge them.

Q. Is it possible to buy an apartment/flat in roh bau phase?
A. No.

Q. Who is responsible for the facade greenery?
A. The façade greenery, located on balconies and terraces, will receive all necessary care regularly by the irrigation system while for trimming, a specialized company will be hired on an annual basis.

Q. What about the railway nearby? (Why did you select this location with respect to the nearby railway)?
A. In the city, a noise surrounding buildings can not be avoided completely. It occurs regardless of the trains, the trams or cars, and it is always present in some degree. The quality of the construction and insulation ensures that, in the closed homes, the noise is almost not heared. Some simulations we have conducted indicate a greater perception of noise at lower levels, while at the higher is lower; the intensity of noise diminishes by height Therefore, with relatively low actual train traffic, the proximity of the railroad objectively does not represent a major problem. In addition, the railroad is a guarantee that there will be no further constructions.

Q. Is it possible to buy more parking and the storage places?
A. In addition to buying an apartment/flat, you can purchase up to two parking places and storage.

Should you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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